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Tax test

April 15th, 2008


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9 Responses

  1. Mills

    I failed.

  2. Hachfeld

    Is it bad that I failed and at the time was happy about it? Well, I did manage to pay off a student loan.

  3. Ravenhawk

    I always find it amusing the large difference that a slight change in syntax can cause.

  4. Alexander

    I didn’t even PAY taxes this year … Fail?

  5. doog

    at first i didn’t even believe that the government started taxing penguins. but then i read about this http://www.warehouse23.net/history/mafiahistory.html

    and that solves that mystery.

  6. pokagina

    OOOOhhhhhhhhh yeah!
    but i learned my lesson,
    I making payments and not filing.

    how about a double-fail.

  7. MrBawn

    You’re doing it wrong. You should set withholding as low as it can be without penalty. You net the same income either way. But if you owe in April, it means you got to keep YOUR money all year, earning interest. If you get a refund, you FAIL.

  8. bob the mob

    Test of LOLbertarianism: complaining about getting public services too expensive to be undertaken at the individual level in return for paying taxes.

    Secondly, bragging about making probably $100 bucks in interest by outwitting “the man” and paying your taxes at the end of the year instead of throughout.

  9. Shadoglare

    If you don’t get the joke: fail.