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You want to fly, eh? NO.

September 21st, 2008

Can you tell that I’ve been reading The New Yorker lately?

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21 Responses

  1. Halfcent

    could you throw in a fart joke, otherwise its just lost on me…

  2. keacher

    Hint: when was the last time you saw a penguin flying?

  3. wojo

    good comic. this seems like one of those that you don’t realize how well-made the concept is until after it’s in front of you.

  4. Nikita Porwal

    Last time i saw penguin flying on an footage taken by BBC 😉 ???

  5. George Smart

    lol @ Nikita Porwal

    Was that the footage for the BBC iPlayer? 1st April? lol

  6. Nikita Porwal

    he he … Good one George, you guessed it right 😉

  7. BMQ


  8. Anonymous

    this comic sux balls…

  9. Eloque

    That’s great.

  10. Anonymous

    excuse me but youre on the cavity search list

  11. Jason

    Is this ment to be a Windows/linux joke?

  12. *sigh*

    For those of you too thick to get the joke, penguins are unable to fly, thus the airline attendant is telling him he can’t board the plane because he’s on the “no-fly list”.

    Cue rimshot.

  13. joel

    I woulda assumed that the comic is about Windows and Linux. “Gates” 15-30, and a linux penguin.

  14. Issacvale51

    lol, you’re taking it a little to literally there 😉

  15. cloud9ine

    *sigh*, it is not that we dont get it without ur kind explanation. It is that it is just not funny. The joke could as well have been two words. Penguin. Airport.

  16. T the D

    If you don’t think this is funny…you have severe emotional problems – for which the only cure is to go away and never talk to other humans again.

    ~T the D

  17. fraxyl

    This comic is superb! Can we has another?

    To the people who have no sense of humour, this kind of comic is the sophisticated and witty kind of humour, not “Oh, he’s bashing linux and windows ha ha.” kind of lame humour.

  18. Eddie

    A Linux penguin? For all you inter-nerds out there who think that Linux is superior, not all penguins are mascots for Linux. Let it go. Viva la Windows.

  19. Racist Joke Acknowledged

    “I noticed you let all the BLACK penguins in front of me on, no problem!”

  20. James

    Saw one of these posted on 4chan and thought it was hilarious.

    Love your comics!
    Wish you would update more.

  21. Aaron

    Well, you left out a comma in the caption, so apparently you haven’t been reading it enough. (It should be ‘I’m sorry, sir, but…’)