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Page-view high

April 13th, 2008

It’s medicinal, I swear!

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  1. Snyder

    So, do they have rehab for this kind of thing?

  2. PsychicSword

    Snyder unfortunately they do not have any official rehab for this but they do have tools to step down or go cold turkey it is called Unplug 😛

  3. Will

    More likely scenario:
    he hired an army of penguins to upvote his site until it reached the front page of Digg/Reddit.

  4. layton

    maybe he would have been saved if the government made this sort of thing illegal… Then he would just sit in jail and nobody would have to worry about figuring out how to fix the problem he had.

  5. Fingel

    Page view highs are a real rush, unfortunately coming down from them (and you always come down from them) is a long painful experience. I’ll give you a thumbs up so you can keep riding it for a little longer 😉

  6. Buttoned-Up

    I wish that I were that penguin (or that white and grey bird).

  7. proudstumbler

    very funny

  8. wherewillwhy

    penguins will save the world ! THINK LINUX!

  9. pio

    very funny….

  10. pio


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  12. Elly

    *Thumbs ups on stumble*

  13. Foppy

    stumble! i found it slightly amusing even tho i dunno WTF digg or reddit is but i can only assume they are a website (X-P)
    i would go look at them but so lazy all i can do is tab back and forth from myspace to my stumbled page and hit the stumble button again…

  14. JP

    Stumbling causes insomnia and restlessness. It should be regulated and taxed at the very least. Then we could pretend the money was going to schools and rehabilitation programs but, in actuality would just line the pockets of the damn Stumbling Lobby in warshington. It’s a lose-lose situation. Its a pity a bird had to die senselessly to prove this point yet again.

  15. Herbalife

    Lol, fantastic comedy on social bookmarking addiction.

  16. Bas

    Anyone who thinks this is related to social bookmarking addiction doesn’t quite get the joke.

    A wink goes out to all the bloggers and webmasters who DO know what I’m talking about 😉

  17. Slave to the Internet

    If only…..

  18. grr

    I’m stumbling, that could have been me? Maybe I should quit? Just one more…

  19. JAB_au

    Is there meant to be a sub joke here, given a penguin is a Linux mascot

  20. Alexander

    Oh yeah. I nearly passed out in a pool of my own vomit when I saw that I had over 300 stumble hits in an hour once. The rest of my life has been a chase for that feeling again.

  21. Realistic Pencil Drawings

    Yeah, I don’t think a lot of the commenters understand this, but as a webmaster I certainly do!! Cool little cartoon.

  22. Moon-Writer

    I love it. !

  23. eiliky

    haha… recognize myself in that poor penguin, but i`d happily die again after a wave :))

  24. logan

    Haha, I just stumbleupon’d this

  25. lim chee wooi

    If i’ m the penguin, i will die happily

  26. Herbalife

    Haha Very funny!

  27. Susan

    Kash!! I really wish if I could be the dying penquin

  28. RSA course

    Very, very funny and oh so true. A Stumble for your efforts !

  29. Jessy

    Social Bookmarking is powerful!

  30. nick

    And here is your second high on this post this year!!!!!!!!1one
    Good 4 U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1one

  31. releleltela


  32. JXL61

    Oh, never mind, I just saw the highlighted parts in the scribd document. ,

  33. Netty

    Classic! 🙂

  34. Michel

    Took a while, but I finally got to experience that “page-view” high. But like Fingel mentioned above, coming down hurts. Here’s to the next one!