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The truth about Perl

May 23rd, 2007

I think this sums up the Perl experience pretty well.

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20 Responses

  1. amber

    this is so oddly well timed… was i telling you about my perl-hell?

  2. Keacher

    You hadn’t mentioned it; you’ll have to tell me about it sometime.

  3. Massyn

    What are you talking about ?? I’ve had very good experiences with perl.

  4. Vince

    More reason for python…

  5. Scott

    hahaha, i almost died reading this one.

  6. Zerhash

    Ugly… and quick

    thats what makes it good and bad and painful

  7. Giz

    So true.

  8. Edge

    Perl is a good coding language, when I first started doing web stuff, I started with perl scripts for like a guestbook, counter, forum, etc. I think perl can be good if you somewhat know what you are doing and read over the script to understand it.

  9. Lira

    SOS! My car was broken on ave. Should I call to service or 911?

  10. Promo

    maazing post))

  11. Guylnarat

    Oh, it’s real, I know!

  12. Riga

    iNce post =)

  13. Summer

    Super! I’ll make similar post in my blog

  14. perlophile

    Perl rocks !!

  15. Hazhir

    I Love Perl…
    Larry Wall, Well done.

  16. Joethedumber

    Amusing how Perl haters think that Perl somehow forces you to write unreadable code. On the contrary, Java FORCES you to do things only one or two ways. In Perl, you can make your code look like any other language or you can make it unreadable – THAT’s THE POINT! Clueless people see the unreadable examples (written so that they can’t be read) and miss that point.

    You could take your cartoon and have the guy puking exception stack traces from uncompilable Java code when the programmer doesn’t conform to the exact way of doing things that Java expects. Now THAT would be realistic!

  17. Varadharajan

    Perl is very quick and equally ugly language But i love Perl more than Python

  18. Danielz

    I love Perl

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  20. Karl

    Hey JoeTheDumber, java stack traces are the most useful thing I’ve ever seen come out of any language. You do something wrong in c and what does it say? Seg Fault? Java stack traces tell you exactly what line your program broke on, through which ever other methods that called the function that it broke in, and what exactly it did wrong. So basically what you’re saying, is: you can’t trace what your program is doing when java explicitly dumps it to the terminal for you and then you blame java for being helpful.