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June 29th, 2007

Now, if it’s a functional iPhone costume…

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10 Responses

  1. lofi

    your stickmen look just like xkcd’s

  2. Mike

    Maybe they are related.

  3. Anonymous

    How is there a difference? The touch screen isn’t anywhere suggestive. Not all that shocking.

  4. john galt

    lofi: that’s also how I draw stick figures, there is not much room for variation.

  5. Alexander

    There were stick figure comics before XKCD. Anyone remember ieatcrayons.com? Anyway, if you are going to make some golden standard, at least use a good comic, like “we the robots” or something.

  6. Anonymous

    Although the style of… everything in this comic is almost exactly the same as XKCD (because there are also plenty of stick figure comics that don’t look like it)
    I still think that the style is good enough to release more of the same.
    Think Hollywood films. They are all exactly the same but we keep watching them.

  7. Matt

    Uhmm, Lofi, how does someone make stick figures NOT look the same? It’s 5 lines and a circle you tool, there’s not a whole lot of room for creativity left there. I can see the parallels between the two but they still seem distinctly different too….

  8. Leon

    completely agree (on stick figures)
    And don’t downplay XKCD its a good comic but its not like he deliberately copying them (i think). There not much you can do with stick figures.

    Anyway hes changing it, using penguins!

  9. votershatefreedom

    yeah… pretty much every stick figure is a stick figure… go figure. and also, xkcd is one of the greatest comics ever written.

  10. albert

    No, it isn’t.