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June 13th, 2007

Of course, there are exceptions.

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  1. jacob

    Doo doo dah dah doo doo dah dah
    And I’m singin’ the tomato song
    Hey buddy won’t you sing along
    It goes:

    Doo doo dah dah doo doo dah dah!

  2. Anonymous

    At first I thought I had stumbled upon an xkcd comic I had not read. I quickly realized my mistake. You are not xkcd. xkcd is funny.

  3. Josh

    lol … xkcd is funny, and overrated 😛

  4. Alexander

    I hope that using pengnuins as a means of changing the superficial similarities between the two will get the asshats off your back.

  5. noel

    so sad but true…

  6. Troy

    you’ve never been an intern, Anonymous, if that is your real name.

  7. Leon

    My view on this is that stick figures are not copyrighted. There are loads of stickfigures comics on the net its just the style of humour aswell which makes people think this is XKCD.

    XKCD is great (and not overated)but so is zoitz. I’ll probably always like XKCD mroe but htis is great. (and maybe just because XKCD has been going for longer and therefore more variation of humour in the comics)

  8. TheQuux

    Ahhhh… memories of my first internship…

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