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Drink it, don’t burn it.

June 8th, 2007

A much better use, don’t you think?

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7 Responses

  1. jumi

    or, how about we stop subsidizing it so that we don’t have so much of a surplus that we need to start thinking of alternative uses for it?


  2. Householder

    Trying to take away my job Keacher?? Run that E85!

  3. Alexander

    Why use corn at all? Sugarcane and switch grass are more efficient sources of ETOH, whatever you plan to do with it.

  4. Troy

    I’d use E85 if it didnt burn like water

  5. sam adams

    I wish people would get it out of their heads that corn is the only thing we can make ethanol from. Every day research into new enzymes advances. The best solution is switchgrass that can grow just about anywhere like Alexander said they are even starting to realize the possibility of using waste cardboard. The problem is that all the lobbyists from central states want corn to be expensive. Corn farmers in nebraska, iowa, kansas, etc. will never elect someone who will stand behind alternatives like switchgrass. Just think of how much we could offset if we grew switchgrass along all the us highways. I mean they have to gut the grass anyways, why not use that equipment to harvest a crop that can propel the cars that drive along that same highway. The true problem is politics not technology. I do like me some bourbon too so yea, lets save the corn for the good stuff….

  6. brennen

    jumi @1: I am disturbed by the idea that bourbon is an _alternative_ use for corn…

  7. Frankie G

    I watched the day after tomorrow today and everytime i watch that movie, i think the worlds gonna end in a few days. Yes that has nothing to do with the subject at hand but still. Scary stuff. I wanna move to Australia so I dont have to put up with an ice age here in new york. Nobody else move there though cuz i dont like crowds. You all stay in the northern hemisphere and hope for the best. Oh, and use hydrogen for cars. That works.