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Differences in education

May 30th, 2007


(***NOTE to Stumblers and others — If you’re looking for the Apache vs. IIS comic, it’s available here — the relative link on StumbleUpon and elsewhere was broken by the new post)

We electrical engineers are pragmatists.

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  1. JD

    yeah, electrical engineers know nothing about anions, resonance, or charges

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  3. Marvin

    electical enginers understand charges

  4. JD

    im an electrical engineer. that was sarcasm.

  5. Anonymous

    that pretty much sums it up for me all i know is that fires are fun…

  6. Bubba

    Just stumbled onto this…. Gee, this comic looks strangely familiar. Sort of like XKCD.

    Not ripped off, no… I’m not implying that. Simply emulated. Flattered perhaps?


  7. Shakeel

    Funny story: The top panel really is chemistry for chemical engineers, it left off the important part, the part where thats actually a valid resonance structure.

    A Chemistry Major

  8. anonymous

    Bitches dont know ’bout benzylic acidity!

  9. Electrical Engineering

    “im an electrical engineer. that was sarcasm.” — well said JD

  10. uhh

    Looks like XKCD? Uhh it’s stick figures dude.

  11. Alexander

    So, every stick figure comic must be a rip off or emulation of XKCD, because it takes so much creativity to draw stick figures with witty dialog that no two people could ever possibly create something like that independently of one another. Right.

  12. Corey

    I’m also an electrical engineer. This is partially true. My undergraduate studies barely received much in the way particle interactions (i.e. anion and resonance) however electrical engineers do greatly understand and especially how to manipulate charges. I love digs like this though. 🙂

  13. Tikky

    Elect B-Eng over here

    good cartoon

    personally though, chems good and all but as an elect. I don’t care to go into detail about the chem subject… in fact the cartoon sums up most of my feelings pretty well. Although the physics behind the chems not bad.

  14. rubes

    electromagnetics beeeatch!

  15. rosey48

    both tend to rely on sub-atomic particle distribution

  16. wannabedesi

    My boyfriend is an Elec. Engineer. He’ll get a kick out of this one. Perhaps this is why he’s reluctant to help me with my chemistry

  17. ace

    that should be mechanical engineers… thats me…. and sodium + water does go boom….

  18. Chris


    A real chemist would skip sodium and go right for the potassium.

  19. bart

    electrical engineering SUCKS !

  20. Jeff

    Cesium, my friends. Cesium.

    (Or Rubidium if you’re wimpy and want to keep all of your limbs intact.)

    -Old School Chemical Engineer

  21. Greg

    @Jeff: Don’t you have to pass some sort of test to get a permit to even get either Rubidium or Cesium?

  22. Obs

    Notice all the male posts are about the science or competitive or both. The one girl mentions her relationship.

  23. CJgoomba

    Chemistry for CJ majors:

    Sodium + Water = Possible Homicide.

  24. thechaos92

    lol that is almost so true its sad,not completely true though, it should be “today we are going to blow things up.”

  25. Anonymous

    Mechanical Engineers: Tiny things in water + tiny things in water = boom.

  26. Kami

    You could say the same thing about civils. We’re a simple people, we just stick something in the ground, surround it with concrete, and pray to God that it doesn’t fall over.

  27. Chris

    @Jeff: Go on, be a real man. Try and get your hands on some Francium. It’s the single rarest element on Earth, so good luck. But if you want something to put in water and make it go BOOM!!…well go for it.

  28. diego

    and so…? wasn’t something gonna burn?
    great humour, sorry the civils made it boring…but kuddos on the guy asking for something to blow up.

  29. boggie

    You’ve actually drawn methylcyclohexane, not benzene. Add a few more bonds to the ring to make it benzene.

    – Nitpicky Chemist

    PS: My roommate was an electrical engineer. He also took showers that flooded the whole bathroom. I wish I had some sodium or potassium handy….

  30. Terrance

    I’m an EET Major and we fully understand charges and the fundamentals of electricity and chemistry. I however, think that scientists, especially chemists and physicists take simple well known equations and concepts and complicate them, for what reason I do not know.

  31. Roy

    Whats a charge?

    -Roy, 4th year electrical engineering student

    P.S. Fire hell yes!

  32. freddy c

    Haha, EE here and I despise chemistry. Not chemistry in general, but engineering chemistry like steady state devices and doping and acceptor nonsense… rather just make a capacitor explode.

  33. Mark

    only thing you have in common is your all virgins right? right?

  34. Mike

    After graduating as an EE with $100,000 in debt… I think I’ve finally found the reason I chose this career.

  35. ingernuerElectristche

    EEs rock!!!!
    As the Chemical dudes to derive maxwells equations from fundamentals…

  36. PU_Student

    Here’s to the B I got in Chem115 – glad I never have to take a chemistry again for the rest of my life.
    EE = win.

  37. peo loco

    a good electrical engineering couldn’t care less about chemistry

  38. ram

    we Electrical Engineers don’t know about charges,but they play with chargers..

  39. 3th yaer

    Of course we know about anions.They are things like cations.

  40. Dr. P

    With my doctorate in EE and my tens of thousands of dollars in debt. I can successfully say that boom is the only part that matters

  41. Dr. J-Bird

    Shakeel is right, not valid resonance forms, or a valid arrow IF talking about resonance forms, nor is it a valid representation of an aromatic ring. Funny comic, but epic chemistry fail.

  42. AJAQ

    Point 1: Well, this may explain why my chemistry partners were scared of me.
    Then again, that may have been something to do with incorporating hand sanitizer as an fuel source into one of the labs 😛

    Point 2: Chemistry is a problem. Why? Everything is backwards. Anion? oops thats the other side.